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  • Trinket Tray and Coaster Care

    It’s best to store trinket trays and coasters with botanicals out of direct sunlight to prevent organics from fading. Please do not drop trays from...
  • How To Care For Botanical Resin Jewelry- Do’s and Don’ts Of Resin Jewelry Care

    Botanicals preserved in resin is a great way to enjoy blossoms, blooms and leaves for years. Resin is very sturdy when hardened and protects whatever is cast inside. But, it does have limitations. Read for tips on how to keep your Botanicals Jewelry beautiful.
  • Succulent Control Pest: How To Get Rid Of Aphids Naturally + Natural Aphid Spray Recipe

    How To Get Rid Of Aphids Here in New Orleans the winters are mild and spring starts early, which mean we have a really, really REALLY long bug sea...
  • Candle Burning Tips

    These tips are just a few ways to have a safe candle experience. Please take as many precautions as you feel necessary. 
  • How To Care For Succulents: A Basic Guide For Keeping Your Succulents Alive

    A Basic Guide For Keeping Your Succulents Alive If you've ever gone down the succulent rabbit hole, the first thing you probably notice is just h...