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How To Care For Botanical Resin Jewelry- Do’s and Don’ts Of Resin Jewelry Care

Resin jewelry care tips; how to care for botanic resin jewelry

Botanical jewelry is a great way to enjoy blossoms, blooms and leaves for years. Resin is very sturdy when hardened and protects whatever is cast inside. But, it does have limitations. Dried botanicals and florals can fade over time- prolonged exposure to sunlight and other harsh lights speed up this process. Although it is relatively hard it isn’t water proof (but is water resistant) and can become scratched when it comes in contact with abrasive materials or surfaces. To keep your jewelry looking good for a long time here are a few tips:

What To Avoid…

  • Swimming or showering with jewelry 
  • Exposing to harsh chemicals (soaps, detergents, cleaning products, rubbing alcohol, etc.)
  • Contacting jewelry with abrasive surfaces such as sandpaper, sharp objects, abrasive cloths or other abrasive materials that could scratch resin
  • exposing to extreme temperatures 
  • direct and prolonged exposure to oil-based products (lotions, perfumes, and oils)
  • exposing to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time

What To Do

  • remove before swimming, showering, or cleaning 
  • clean jewelry with a very mild diluted soap, water, and soft cloth
  • apply lotion and perfumes BEFORE putting on your jewelry 
  • wash hands of lotions, oils and perfumes BEFORE touching jewelry
  • store jewelry in a cool dry dark place such as a jewelry box

I hope you enjoy you botanical inspiration. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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