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How To Care For Succulents: A Basic Guide For Keeping Your Succulents Alive

A Basic Guide For Keeping Your Succulents Alive

A Basic Guide To Care For Your Succulents

If you've ever gone down the succulent rabbit hole, the first thing you probably notice is just how many succulent varieties are out there. There are short succs, tall succs, prickly succs, smooth succs, succulents that cascade over their pots like a leafy waterfall and succulents that look like plump roses in bloom. With all these varieties of succulents originating for regions all over the world, caring for them can be a little tricky. Fortunately, most of them have some common care requirements. To make sure your succulent thrives, its important to research its specific needs, but here are some basic tips to get you started:


 Succulents love sunshine! Some varieties like echeveria and cactus are better at tolerating direct sun than more sensitive succulents like haworthias. Either way they need lots and lots of light. 


 A Basic Guide On How To Keep Your Succulents Alive- Sun Requirements

Indirect light is a great way to let non-sun hardy varieties of succulents soak up some rays. Placing them in a bright spot close to or on a window sill where they can get a least 5 hours of brighter light will help prevent stretching (etiolation). If the window gets intense afternoon sun, filtering the light with a sheer curtain will protect it from sun scorch while providing ample light

If you have a sun hardy succulent, choosing a spot with plenty of sun will help it thrive. It's also important to provide shade during times when sun exposure is intense.


Succulents need water, but HATE soggy soil! When watering your succ, give it enough water so the soil is thorough moistened. Allow any excess water to complete drain away. When succulents sit in water or overly wet soil for extended periods of time, root rot is usually just around the corner. 

A basic guide on caring for succulents- water requirements

Think desert. Succulents generally grow in arid environments, places that experience times of drought or low moister. In their natural environment, they take advantage of rainfall, dew or whatever water source they have available and store it in their leaves to use when water is scarce. They don't get a chance sit in soggy soil so their root system isn't suited for these conditions. Trying to recreate this when caring for your succulents will help prevent root rot.

They are so many ways to care for succulents- they're such versatile plants. These are just a few basic things I do that've worked really for me. Leave me a comment and let me know if these tips are helpful or if you have any questions. How do you care for your succs? Leave me a comment and let me know- I love hearing how other plant people.

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