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Fern Dangle Earrings

Fern Dangle Earrings

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A great choice for your a minimalist style. These lightweight minimalist earrings feature real dried and press ferns. Earwires are gold plated


Demissions: 2.5 cm length 

Hardware: gold plated post

Botanical: ferns

The resin used in jewelry is very durable, but not scratch resistant. To help your pressed flower look beautiful for years, avoid rubbing it with abrasive materials and hitting it against hard surfaces.

To preserve the color of the botanicals in your jewelry do not store in direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to UV or sunlight may bleach the botanicals over time.

For jewelry care tips, check out my blog post: Jewelry Care.



Each piece is hand made using jewelry grade resin. Each piece is made with care and bubbles are carefully removed. However, small bubbles may remain, making each piece unique. There may be tiny transparent spots on the leaves where the resin has been absorbed by the leaves. These are minimal and will be and normal when working with organic and resin

Due to variations in nature the size of the leaves may not be exactly the same, but they will be very similar