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Succulent Care


  • How often to water your succulent depends a lot on variety and environment. A general guideline is to wait for the soil to dry out (or the top inch or two in larger pots) between waterings 
  • Generally succulents hate soggy soil. Whenever watering succulents, add enough water and time for the soil to absorb water and become saturated. Then, allow the excess water to completely drain away
  • The plant will also give you hints its getting parched. If the soil is dry and the lower leaves become soft or wrinkled, its a good time to water
  • To prevent over watering, avoid letting water collect in the containers. Terra-cotta pots are a great option for succulents because they wick water from the soil. You may need to check for dry soil more often during growth periods or in dry weather and dry rooms


  • If your succulent is in a glazed, plastic, or ceramic pot, drainage holes are really important. They not only allow water to drain out, but they allow air flow in. Aerated soil helps prevent root rot and soggy soil
  • But, if your succulent is in a terrarium or you can't resist that cute pot without drainage, adding a layer of gravel or rocks to the pot gives the extra water a place to go. This keeps your plant from sitting in water for extended periods of time
  • You can also add drainage to a decorative pot by planting your succulent in a liner pot or nursery pot first. Then add a layer of gravel to your drainageless pretty pot. This way when you add your planted pot to the deco pot, it won't sit in water


  • Most succulents LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bright light. Without enough light they can start to stretch and become spindly (etiolation). Putting them in a spot with lots of bright indirect light- around 6 hours a day for sun guzzling varieties- will keep them happy
  • For sun hardy varieties you want to keep outside, gradually introduce them to direct sun. Gentle morning sun will be the easiest transition. If you notice scorching, it may need a little shade from intense afternoon sun on hot days