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Pomegranate + Peony Natural Soy Wax Candle

Pomegranate + Peony Natural Soy Wax Candle

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This is easily my new favorite scent! I love the sharpness of pomegranate mixed with the soft undertones of peony! Perfect for spring

•The Wax:
Paraben, paraffin, and petroleum free.
This candles is made from clean.
burning biodegradable natural soy wax

•The Wick:
Zinc-free Lead-free wicks. Wicks are
made using a blend of cotton and
paper or wooden wicks


•The Scents:
Phthalate- Free fragrance. I appreciate
products that are as natural as possible
and pass that along to you. Because of
this I only use high quality fragrance
oils that a free from know carcinogens,
mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ
toxins and acute toxins

•The Pour:
I pour all candles myself in small
batches in my own home. That way I
can make sure each candle is at its best
for you

•The package:
I love reusable products and my candle
containers are a product perfect for
reuse. All candle containers can be
cleaned with soap and warm water and

My goal is to make wax melts that are as natural and safe as possible, so I use high quality products. All wax melts are scented with fragrances blended with essential oils and are FREE OF PHTHALATES and other harmful chemicals. The wax is made from natural soy that HAS NOT BEEN BLENDED WITH PARAFFIN PRODUCTS.

The wax melts are carefully made by me in small batches. I only use paraben free and petroleum free natural soy wax. This gives the melts a cleaner burn.

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